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Welcome to the 2016 International Workshop on Cyber Physical Systems! The workshop provides a forum to exchange information on recent advances and developments in CPS. Following previous successful workshops in the series, we are expecting another successful workshop this year.

The term “Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)” refers to the tight conjoining of and coordination between computational and physical entities. In CPS, computing, sensing, communication, and control capabilities are converged with all types of objects and structures in the physical world. Scientific applications with enormous societal impact would be available by understanding such capabilities and their interactions. Research advances in CPS promise to infuse our world with systems that respond more quickly and predictably to emergencies in more precise and highly efficient ways. CPS will enable large-scale and distributed coordination and enhance human capabilities to interact with physical entities. CPS will form the foundation for a wide variety of science domains and would enable scientific advances by providing a new paradigm for research. It is said that as the Internet has transformed how humans interact and communicate with each other, CPS will transform how we monitor and interact with (and possibly control) the physical world around us. Advances in CPS research are expected to have a major impact both in scientific development and economic payoffs. It is generally believed that CPS science will emerge as a critical component that is essential for national competitiveness.

The technical program for this year’s workshop covers the latest research and development in CPS and various aspects of embedded systems, medical CPS, smart transportation systems, resilient control, smart homes, and their applications. We are fortunate to have several active researchers in CPS who are the leaders in various fields of CPS.

We invite you to participate in this workshop. We are confident that the workshop will be informative and you will enjoy high quality presentations and lively discussions with leading researchers at the workshop.

Welcome to IWCPS!

Sang Hyuk Son, General Chair